myers Muzik Production

We at Myers Muzik love to support the vision of other artists. We provide a full-service production studio to help you record and realize your musical vision. We also provide website services to allow you to sell your album online independently with no subscription fees. 

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Music Production

Myers Muzik Inc., has a full-service studio allowing you to record your music with the utmost quality. Studio prices are as follows:

  • $25 an hour to record music tracks
  • $100 an hour to produce tracks arranged and produced by us

Demo Production

Make your music demo sound professional and airplay ready by having Myers Muzik Inc., produce it. Pricing as follows:

  • $25 to record each track
  • $100 to create a new track 
  • $25 to record all new tracks created
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Album Production

Jasper has produced all three of his album and has worked with many artists. Let him lend his decades of musical experience to your artist's vision. He can help to compose, arrange and produce your entire album. He can also pull in skilled and classically trained musicians to make your album stand out. 

Pricing varies depending up the size of the project and what's needed.